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Great entryway or mudroom organization can be a game changer for keeping the rest of the house clutter free and organized!  Creating the perfect mudroom can be challenging. We are sharing our top mudroom solutions that can be easily mixed and matched, built as an entire unit, and we've even added a service to help you design it from start to finish using our shelf configurator tool!

Before getting started on building a mudroom solution, here are some questions to ask yourself.

-How much space do I have, where will it go?
-Who are the main users?
-What type of organization is needed? Hanging storage, hooks, hidden storage, basket, bins,drawers, etc.
-What tools and skill level is needed to take on the project?
-What modifications need to be made, if any, from original plan? Sizing, material, paint, stain, x detail...
-What style matches the rest of my house? Farmhouse, modern, rustic...
-How to be most efficient with the material used?

Once you ask yourself these basic questions, it's time to narrow down the plans to use, the material needed and the steps to build it!

Let us help you increase the functionality of your home! Just email us at anawhitesite@gmail.com if you need help finding plans, need suggestions or just have basic questions! 



1. Barn Door Entryway Cabinet with Hooks

barn door entryway cabinet with hooks

This freestanding closet works great in a home, apartment or dorm, where there is no entryway closet! Easy to customize and add extra storage for boots and shoes, we love the barn door to keep less attractive things hidden and out of sight. Baskets or bins can be added to help keep certain items organized and easy to put away. 



2.Simple Mudroom Storage Bench with Drawers

storage bench with easy to build drawers

A simple storage bench with drawers can be a huge help in organizing an entryway! We have made building a bench with drawers even easier with our easy step by step plans. We love that it is easy to modify for any size drawer and space, with the ability to store all essential entryway items!  Reader submitted photo.



3. Rustic X Hall Tree

rustic hall tree

A hall tree can add so much storage to a small entryway, and look beautiful too! This plan includes hooks for hanging jackets, backpacks, hats, whatever your needs may be. The bottom section allows added basket or bin storage, or could be kept open for shoe and boot storage! The top board can also be used to set plants or other storage items on. Using basic materials and tools, this is a beginner friendly hall tree to help get your entryway organized! Reader submitted photo.



4. Hall Tree with Storage Bench

hall tree with storage bench

This plan boasts a storage bench with overhead storage and hooks for hanging! Another great option for a space lacking a closet. Reader submitted photo.



5. Entryway Essential Bench and Shelving System

diy storage bench and entryway shelves

Our essential collection includes this entryway bench and shelving system. The beauty of this plan and design is the ability to customize for any size space. We used our Shelf Help configurator for the bench portion, if you haven't checked out our free design tool, go play around with it at shelfhelpnow.com and get designing! The shelf is built using standard 1x material and basic tools, another beginner friendly project!



6. 2x4 Hall Tree

2 x 4 hall tree diy

Simple and functional 2x4 Hall Tree. This plan is quick and easy to build and adds a ton of storage to an entryway or mudroom. A perfect place to hang your jackets, keys, hats, or purse. It has an area underneath to add bins or baskets for even more storage! Have fun with the finish and hardware choice on this one!



7. Smiling Mudroom

smiling mudroom free plan

This mudroom that makes you smile! This plan is flexible and can be used in an existing closet, along a wall or wall opening. Again easily modified for how many sections are needed as well as height and depth! The beauty of the design and curved cuts make this not only functional but pretty too. Keep things neat and tidy with this set up! Reader submitted photo.



8. Under Bench Trundle Drawers

under bench trundle drawers

Trundle drawers are a great option to add easy storage to an entryway bench! No drawer slides required and the drawers can be easily modified to the desired size. Whether it's a floating bench like this one or a standard bench with 4 legs, this trundle drawer plan will work for any size drawer.  



9. Floating Bench

diy floating bench

This DIY Floating Bench is great way to update a closet, or create an entryway between two walls! It could be easily modified to include hidden storage, as seen here, do you see it? Also trundle drawers, bins or baskets could easily be incorporated underneath. It's nice to have a place to sit or set stuff when entering and exiting the house, this floating bench may be the perfect solution for your needs! Reader submitted photo.



10. Hidden Boot Storage Bench

hidden boot bench

This hidden boot storage bench is a way to neatly hang boots. This concept could also be incorporated into any mudroom bench plans that uses drawers. Not only does it store boots, it's also a place to sit to take on or off your shoes and could be used on its own or incorporated under a hanging shelf for added storage. 



11. Entryway Cubby Organizer

diy cubby organizer with hooks

A cubby organizer is a great way to add extra storage to an existing entryway or incorporate it into a build. We like the shallow depth making it easy to grab gloves, hats, scarves, sunglasses, basically anything that you need to store and find easily, so stuff doesn't get lost in the back! Add hooks to the ends for added hanging storage for purses, backpacks, keys etc. 



12. Locker Cabinet

diy locker cabinet

A locker style cabinet will work great in an entryway or garage! Locker systems can work for the whole family, or just the kids, to help keep all of their backpacks and extra activity items organized and in one place! Adding hooks and baskets will keep everything neat and tidy!



13. Modular Mudroom Locker System

modular mudroom locker system

This DIY modular mudroom system includes locker storage, hooks, overhead storage and a pull out storage bench! Another easy to modify project with the different components and free plans to support them!



14. Fancy Farmhouse Hall Tree

fancy farmhouse hall tree

Another hall tree that has seating, storage and hooks! We love the classic farmhouse design! This is a fairly simple build using our free step by step plans! Reader submitted photo. 



15. Mudroom Bench and Hutch

mudroom bench and hutch system

This bench and hutch system could be easily modified to be used inside the home in an entryway or mudroom, or as seen here along a garage wall! So much storage and almost too pretty for a garage, but I don't see anything wrong with nice looking storage options inside and outside the home. We used our Shelf Help service to order all of the precut plywood and assembled each piece separately, though the project is huge, it was very easy to put it all together! Shelf Help also has the free template for this set up! 



16. Wall Boot Rack

wall boot rack

This Boot Rack can be easily added or incorporated into an existing mudroom or entryway. We've also seen it done vertically!  So many options to make this longer or shorter and customized for your needs. This is a quick, easy and economical way to store boots! Would work great in a garage entry as well.



17. Closet Mudroom Bench with Hinge up Boot Storage

closet mudroom bench with hinge up boot storage

This built in closet mudroom is a great way to turn an ordinary closet into an organized mudroom with tons of storage! We love this plan with the incorporated hinged hidden boot storage and all the extra shelving and cubbies up top for extra gear. The added hooks give even more storage for the daily items, easy to store and grab on the go! This system can be easily modified to fit any size closet!



18. Pallet Inspired Coat Rack

pallet inspired coat rack shelves

We love the simplicity of this project and how much function it brings to an entryway or mudroom! This is a great beginner project that is easy to modify for any space. A great drop zone for mail, keys, jackets, purse, sunglasses, homework, etc. Using standard material and tools, build this in a couple of hours and get to using it the same day!



19. Entryway Cabinet with Hooks

entryway cabinet with hooks

This entryway hutch could be added to an existing storage bench or built as seen here with our easy drawer bench plans! We added the doors to keep things tidy and clean. By building the hutch and cabinets up higher, we were still able to add the hooks for extra hanging! This plan has so much storage and is a game changer for our family, we use it everyday! No more coats on the floor, this cleaned the entire space up. 



20. Extra Wide Shoe Bench with Hidden Boot Storage

shoe bench with hidden boot storage

A main concern in an entryway or mudroom is shoe and boot storage, this extra wide shoe bench with hidden boot storage is a perfect solution to get all of those shoes and boots organized in one place! We have the free step by step plans, another beginner friendly project that can be used in a closet, or wall opening and can be built to fit! 

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