Open Bottom Mudroom Bench - Customizeable Sizes Template

Mudroom bench tutorial
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Build your own mudroom bench in any length and different depths with our free customizeable open bottom mudroom bench template!  

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Open Bottom Mudroom Bench - Customizeable Sizes Template

If you have a spot to put a custom, built in mudroom bench, why not do it cabinetry style?  So it's built-in, so its stuck to the wall; so there's no hard to reach spots to vacuum around, so its a permanent fixture in the house?

For about $130 in lumber we were able to build this almost 14 foot long mudroom bench in an afternoon!

Here's the video showing the steps:

This plan should be customized to fit your space, so we created a free, easy to customize template over at our sister site, Shelf Help.

Enjoy the plans and please share a photo of your builds!


Click here for free template for this bench at Shelf Help

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