Camp Loft Bed With Stairs

Submitted by fletchro on Wed, 01/09/2013 - 15:51

Note: I think the plans were slightly incorrect. Add 2 more 2x4s @8' long (construction studs will do, you don't need 96" length) to be certain you have enough wood. I bought 15, planning to add the lower rear support rail, but then I found I didn't have enough decking. So I scabbed it for decking. Then I didn't have enough for the stairs, so I found some 2x4s in the garage that gave me 5 out of the 6 stairs. The next day I made the last stair. So buy 2 or three more 2x4s than the plan says. The worst that can happen is you have an extra 2x4 sitting around for a while. As for all the other cut items, just don't mess up your cuts and there is enough material.

This was pretty easy to build. It took a lot of work for just me, working by myself. I think the thing is VERY sturdy. We had about 200 lbs of adult and kids up there and it didn't seem to be complaining at all.

I used no glue. I think I was too focused on getting the project completed that I forgot to apply glue at the several steps where she mentions to apply glue.

I did not use Kreg(R) brand screws. But I used the nearest equivalent available at my local home store. It turns out there is another specialty woodworking shop in town which sells the Kreg brand screws, and it turns out they are pretty much the same price. So next time, I will make a special trip to that store because the Kreg screws seat much more solidly in the pockets than the regular pan head screws.

Estimated Cost
Estimated Time Investment
Day Project (6-9 Hours)
Type of Wood
Spruce Construction grade lumber
Finish Used
I didn't finish this project yet. I have a pretty busy life, so just getting the thing built and installed in one day was kind of a feat. We will probably paint it with some good quality indoor paint.
Recommended Skill Level
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