Heater Covers

Submitted by pblomberg on Sun, 04/14/2013 - 07:06

My wife and bought a house last summer with the intention of remodeling it has we were living in it. However, we wanted to do the bathroom before we moved in as it was the only shower/bath. So the old bathroom and bedroom next to it was gutted and replaced from the studs out.

We have hydronic baseboard heat in our house, which I really love, except it has these old, horrifically ugly covers. The covers were especially bad in the bathroom as they were rusty and had been painted over multiple times.

So I took those out with the sheetrock and decided to build wooden ones. This was of course after I scrounged the internet to make sure it was safe - the hydronic heat does not get to combustible temperatures...so no worries about fires!

I tried to find some good plans on the internet, but did not find a whole lot. I found some pictures though and some information from people who had done similar to what I was doing.

In the end, I based my measurements around the old heater covers, built a mock up, made some adjustments, and then built the final one. I still need to add some sort of metal screen as I don't like being able to look into the opening at the heater fins.

I used pocket-hole screws for this and I think they look much more classy than the old metal covers - especially with the ceramic plank tile I put!

Estimated Cost
Type of Wood
Finish Used
Primer and then white paint
Recommended Skill Level