Modern Farmhouse Bed with changes

Submitted by alleysrats on Tue, 08/21/2018 - 19:25

I needed a bed frame to go around my adjustable mattress and cheapest I found for pre-fabricated was greater than $200 and I thought why not go on Ana’s site and see if I could build one cheaper and I found this design.  I did everything in the instructions but build the platform as I was only getting it as a frame around the base that I already had.   I ended up using carsiding as it was cheaper than 1x6’s I also did not use pocket holes I just used regular screws that I countersunk and it gives it a bit of a more rustic look   I did have to adjust a few things as the side rails the 2x4 toppers went over too much on the adjustable portion of the bed and I didn’t allot for additional width on the head and footboard so I had to remove them -  to me it presents a little bit of a cleaner line I figure I can always go back with a 2 x 2 if I want a capped look.  The weathered recommended product turned it to a grayish purple hue no matter how much I sanded it -  it grew on me but definitely not the same color probably different tannins in the wood I was able to find not sure.  


The build took about two days total I built it all on my own the bed hardware was tricky though after failing to find anything local I ordered bed rail hardware off of Amazon for 12 bucks it’s a lot easier and your able to connect the side rails to the head and footboard on your own.


Total cost with the bed hardware probably about $130 if I took off the stuff I wasted it may be closer to $115.

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