patio living room - modified from modern chair plan

Submitted by herbsuprb1 on Wed, 06/12/2019 - 09:09

I created two sofas, a love seat and a table by modifying the modern chair.  I added a back extension, tipped the back back 10 degrees, and angled the seat platform down a few degrees.  Considered doing Adirondack arms, but my wife preferred the rectangular shape.  The table is a variation of the 2x4 patio table (base construction similar), but we substituted pine 4x4 legs for the 2x4s, and implemented a 2x6 "picture frame" around Mexican tile on top.

I used pocket screws to attach the arms to the sides, and also to hide screws on the table "picture frame".

All-in-all, I would say this is an elegant-looking patio set that should last quite a while.  Very solid, very heavy to move around (my only complaint).

We plan to add some colorful throw pillows.


Estimated Cost
This project was created from a Menard's metal siding trim "shipping crate" that they refused to take back on return - so the many 16 foot 2x6s came to me for free. With hardware, stain, sanding pads and the pocket screw jig, I would guess I have about $300 there. The cushions were somewhat expensive, but are built to last - got those from Ikea - "Duvholmen" and "Folsom" haha - 24 1/4" x 24 1/4" cushions, 24 1/4" x 16" back pillows. Those were about $65 (per SEAT) .. so 8 for this project ($520). The cushions only come in this light tan, or medium/dark grey.
Estimated Time Investment
Week Long Project (20 Hours or More)
Type of Wood
pine dimensional lumber - 2x4s and 2x6's
Finish Used
Behr semi transparent outdoor stain (Padre Brown). First sofa was assembled then stained (mistake). The other pieces were cut, sanded 60/120 and stained. Arms were additionally sanded with a 320 grit prior to staining. Stained all pieces two coats with small roller, then brushed over. Assembly after staining produced a cleaner look on the stained finish.
Recommended Skill Level