Potting bench from recycled materials

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Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on Wed, 06/22/2022 - 07:42

I used recycled materials for my potting table. The boards for the front and back legs I found from a factory's dumpster. Side aprons are from boards I saved when we took down a wall in our home. The boards were a part of the wall's frame. All the boards for the worktop, back wall and the lower shelf came from the dumpster of a company selling plastic sewer pipes. They used to be frames holding together the bunches of pipes during transport from factory to the store. And lastly, the board for the little shelf used to be part of the structure holding up the tarp over a freight truck's freight space.

I've only built raised beds and crude shelves for seedlings up until this project. This was my first more complex project. And the first with which I had to follow a plan. Due to my materials being differently sized than in the project plan, I had to make some adjustments along the way. My husband helped me to make sense of the instructions and also helped when I needed another pair of hands to keep parts still while drilling.

The biggest setback during the project was the board for the small shelf splintering while drilling it into place. It splintered even though we pre-drilled holes for the screws to go into especially to prevent splintering. I made another board and that one we secured in place with small corner braces which worked better.

Thank you Ana for the project plan. Here in Finland potting tables like these are not common and they are not sold anywhere. I've dreamt of one for 15 years and now, finally, I made my dream home true with your help.

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