Radio Flyer Garden Sink

Submitted by mji0707 on Tue, 05/12/2015 - 19:54

Was looking for something to do with an old Radio Flyer wagon.. Saw some great pics on Ana's site for garden ideas and thought this might have the right shape to make a water feature.. beats making a flower potter out of it. -And it does in fact work.. The original plan was to use a simple chrome hook-style faucet but found a great brass antique on ebay for under $10 which really set the tone for its look.

The inside of the wagon is double-coated with Rustoleum clear sealant, over-layed with a red top coat. The wheels and handle are original and the hanging bar across the front is from conduit. The wagon is attached to the stand only around the drain by 2 1/2"x 1/4" machine screws. The brass handle on the right end is so the wagon can be tilted to drain settling water. The drain is a standard 1 1/4" sink kit that connects to a compression coupler. Both the feeder and drain line have hose connections.

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Week Long Project (20 Hours or More)
Type of Wood
2x4's ripped evenly to make the frame. The deck, shelf and back panel are from pallets
Finish Used
The wagon was rusted when I found it. I sanded the inside just enough to remove the loose rust debris. To get the tub water-tight I gave it two coats of Rustoleum clear sealant spray. That left it foggy-loooking so I sprayed it over again with rustoleum red paint. The wood frame has two coats of antique white with a light covering of parafin. I used a grinder to scuff up the paint and then used a buffing wheel on the power drill to smooth out the wax. The pallet wood is untreated other than removing the old nails.

For advice, I would definitely say to be cautious of the amount of weight that hangs off the back of the cart. I used the extra pieces of 2x4 to build a frame to tie the pallet wood into. Combined with the feeder-line plumbing It added so much weight that i had to move the back wheels out to give it stability.

Much thanks to Ana's site and community for ideas. And I gotta give credit to the crew in the H/D paint dept in Alpharetta, GA for the sealant paint recommendation.

enjoy the pics!
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