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I'm a 52 yr.old retired rural letter carrier. I live in CT in a shoreline town which the whole area is beautiful. I grew up tinkering all the time and made my way around to wood working. I've been working with wood for years but not like now. I just had a prebuilt shed brought in and though its not insulated yet (costs money), I'm fixing it up with real wood working tools instead of all hand powered tools. I also have a strong desire to use hand tools, you know back before we had electricity,LOL Being retired gives me a luxury most can't afford and that's time. I have 2 heaters which work well, but not when it drops below 20. I'm complaining and you live in Alaska where that is probably warm for you. Anyways, I'm having fun learning to used some of the power tools I have never had and anxcious to finish the shop. ( you know a woman works out there when there are valances up;>)

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