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Build a firewood box from one sheet of 3/4" plywood and some common boards. Holds about 1/4 of a cord of wood.  Very sturdy.  Put together with construction screws (no pocket holes).  Free step by step plans from


Firewood Box Features

I just finished building a brand new firewood box for our basement wood stove, and we love how it turned out!  Here's why:

  • Easy to build design based off one sheet of plywood (minimal waste or scraps)
  • No pocket holes - just screw together with construction screws
  • Looks finished and beautiful
  • Good size fits logs up to 24" long and holds about a quarter of a cord of wood
  • Contains the bark and mess to inside the wood box
  • Protects the wall behind the wood box 
  • Very sturdy and well made, will hold up for a long time

Video Tutorial for Firewood Box

It's easy to build this firewood box.  Please take a second to watch the video tutorial.

Free Plans to Build Your Own Firewood Box

The free plans for this firewood box are below.  Thanks for using our plans, please post a photo when you are done!

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Firewood box dimensions
Dimensions shown in diagram, holds about 1/4 of a cord of wood


Shopping List

1 - sheet of 3/4" thick plywood, cut into four pieces, each 48" x 24" or purchase precut panels 48" x 24" - AC or Hardwood Plywood recommended

3 - 2x2 @ 8 feet long

3 - 1x12 @ 4 feet long

2" self tapping wood screws and wood glue

Cut List

4 - 3/4" plywood pieces 24" x 48" 

2 - 2x2 @ 48"

2 - 2x2 @ 35" - ONE end cut at 30 degrees off square, short point measurement 

2 - 2x2 @ 24-1/4" - BOTH ends cut at 30 degrees off square, long point to short point measurement, ends are parallel

3 - 1x12 @ 48"

Tape Measure
Safety Glasses
Circular Saw
Power Sander


Step 1

If you are using a full 3/4" plywood panel (instead of buying the four precut pieces), mark the centers as shown below and cut on the line to create four equal sized pieces.

Step 2

On two of the panels, mark the top corners and cut off with a circular saw.

Step 3

Place the 2x2 supports on the side panel, edges flush to top and front and attach with screws and glue. Build the second panel in mirror.

Step 4

Attach bottom to the two side panels with glue and the screws.

Step 5

Apply glue to the back edges and attach fourth panel to the back with the screws.

Step 6

Add the 1x12 pieces to thefront and back to complete the firewood box.