Fold Down Workbench - Featuring Wilker Dos

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DIY Folding Workbench by Wilker Dos


There are so many ideas out there in the wide world of DIY. I've been searching for a nice tutorial on a fold down workbench, however there aren't many free guides. This one is a nice, FREE tutorial with a video, to help you create your own fold down work bench. Wilker Do's has a lot of great shop type tutorials to help you get your stuff in order. 

This is a great idea in addition to your regualarly used workbench to add some work space. Wilker Do's has the details, so be sure to swing over and check them out if you have a free wall to add a little something! Of course the folding option is totally spectacular! 

Maybe a great alternative to have one inside the house too,  with some sort of chalkboard/organizer on the underside. The possibilities are endless.......


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