Snowflake Shelf Featuring Chasing a Dream Blog

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DIY Snowflake Shelf by Chasing a Dream Blog

A Giant Snowflake Shelf can make a perfect display for your holiday decor!

All it takes are a couple of 1 x 4's and lots of angle cuts, but once you have your saw set, it's a cinch! It doesn't require a bunch of tools or time. Just a nailer and some glue once your boards

are cut. Then assemble, step back to admire your handy work!

As Shara mentions in her post, if you want a deeper shelf all you have to do is select a wider board.

I love that this project is so unique and easy. A great holiday project to add to your growing list, it would make a great gift too! Stop by Chasing a Dream Blog for this tutorial and more!

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