Marble topped Easy Console Table

A few months ago DH and I built the Easy Console Table. He'd bought a slab of marble cheap off a guy who was moving and used that as the top. Unfortunately, he only measured once before cutting (and that measurement was before he had a finished table bottom) so the marble ended up being too short. Solution: add some alder (I think) trim and rout(e?) a pretty edge onto it. And, bonus, it covered up the ugly unpolished marble edges that we cut ourselves.

Table is made from cherry with walnut plugs to cover the screw holes and an oiled finish.


please ignore the pink walls... we're too busy building stuff for our new-to-us house to paint the ugly pink walls. Plus, I hate painting... soon... (I keep telling myself that!)


Sun, 12/05/2010 - 14:22

Looks like good workmanship and fits your space well.