Bathroom Tower out of scraps

When I saw another builder's little bathroom tower in the brag blog last week,  I knew I needed one for my powder room! Ever since we installed a pedestal sink several years ago, we've had nowhere to put extra toilet paper. With this little tower, that problem is (finally) solved!

I built it will materials I had on hand. Oak plywood I ripped to 11" for the sides and shelves, 1x2 pine for the face frame, and a variety of pine for the top glued and screwed together with my Kreg jig.

The only purchase I made for this tower was the two fabric baskets from Target for about $12, I think. The fact that they fit is not a happy accident -- I built the unit around the basket dimensions.

While it is inspired by Ana's storage tower plans, I definitely went out on my own to make it work with the materials I had lying around.

Built from Plan(s)
Estimated Cost
Almost free.
Estimated Time Investment
Day Project (6-9 Hours)
Type of Wood
Scraps. Oak ply, pine 1x2s.
Finish Used
The paint is Benjamin Moore Hancock Grey. I picked up a gallon for $5 at the ReStore and cut it with white to paint my bathroom walls and used it full strength for the storage tower. The top is a mixture of stains -- some pecan, some ebony, and some nutmeg. I kept mixing until I got the color I wanted and then applied several coats to get the depth of color I was looking for. I also distressed the top before staining. The whole thing is coated with Krylon satin clear coat.
Recommended Skill Level
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