Kentwood Night Stands

Submitted by jbayer80 on Thu, 02/28/2013 - 19:49

1st the bookshelf, now the nightstands, soon the bed, sons toddler room is DONE!

Estimated Cost
$50 Each
Estimated Time Investment
Weekend Project (10-20 Hours)
Type of Wood
Select Pine
Finish Used
A. S. Chalk Paint (Paris Grey)
Recommended Skill Level



Fri, 03/01/2013 - 07:37

Looks great! How did the A.S. paint do on unfinished wood? Did you prime before hand?


Sat, 03/02/2013 - 08:49

It did fine. I did no prep work before I painted. Since the cans are almost $40 per can I've tried to stretch the paint as far as possible so there is only a thin layer on there. I gave it a lite...and I mean lite sanding after it dried. Since it was such a thin layer you can see some of the wood under but it sort of gives it a antique look. I also added wax (not the A.S. wax) to protect it.

Next time I will be making my own chalk paint for half the cost.


Sat, 04/06/2013 - 05:33

I just wanted to make a note that these night stands are VERY big, actually to the point of looking odd next to the bed I made. I know I could have looked at the dems before hand but never imagined they were this big. I still love them, I just wish they were a bit smaller.

I will be posting the bed I made and the night stands will be in the pic as well so you can see and let me know your thoughts.