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Hi, I'm Colin, owner and operator of Dead Hands. You might be asking yourself "why is it called Dead Hands?" Well, funny you should ask, in 2014 I developed a rare autoimmune disease called CIDP (learn more) which left me partially and permanently paralyzed in my arms and hands. Knowing that I would always have to give 120% to anything I do in order to succeed, I decided to start my own business doing what I love and completely contrary to my disability - design, build and create one-of-a-kind furnishings.

I specialize in building pieces from reclaimed lumber, discarded furniture parts and a myriad of unexpected materials. Please take a look at my work and contact me if you see a piece you want/need or if you would like a custom piece built to suit your unique and lovely tastes. I love to put these dead hands to work!

A portion of all proceeds go to the GBS and CIDP Foundation to help others beat neuropathy.

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