Christmas Tree Host Gift Idea featuring Bower Power

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Submitted by Ana White on Tue, 12/22/2015 - 12:30
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Perfect last minute gift idea for a host or someone special!  Easy to make wood cutting board shaped like a Christmas tree!  

Hi everyone!  Thanks so much for joining in on the fun with our Video Build-Off we did with the Bower's a couple of weeks back.  Just in case you missed it -

It is soooooo hard to admit, but the cutting board that Katie made me is too gorgeous!  I love it, carried in in my carry-on back to Alaska, and it is center stage in my home right now for Christmas.  I will treasure it for years and years and years.  

This project was such a wonderful gift to receive.  So when Katie shared the tutorial to make this cutting board, I had to pass it along to you - because you will want to make this unique tree shaped cutting board for someone special too.  Trust me on this, they will love it!

Katie used a scrap piece of butcher block, but suggests using a 2x12 if you don't have a spare butcher block scrap.  I though this could also work on a 1x12 or pine project panel to be used as a serving tray.  

Allrights ... your turn!  Go head on over to Bower Power to grab the full tutorial.

Happy Holidays!



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