Shoe Rack Bench

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This DIY shoe rack bench is very simple to make and cost about $30 of material. It’s very sturdy and could also be used as a bench for seating. Our boys keep their backpacks, books and lunch boxes stacked on top so that they don’t forget to grab it before they leave to school.

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modern shoe rack with three rows made of stained wood
Dimensional diagram of a shoe rack bench
Shoe Rack dimensions are 44" wide, 16-1/2" deep and 20" tall


Shopping List

Tools for this project

Kreg Jig
Miter Saw
Tape Measure

Material List

• (5) - 2x6x8' 
2 1/2" Pocket Hole Screws
2 1/2" Wood Screws


Note: Lumber dimensions are listed as nominal size.  See lumber sizes for actual dimensions vs nominal.

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Cut List

Cut 2x6 boards as shown in diagram below

Diagram showing board cuts


Step 1

Cut and Assemble Top

Using Miter Saw cut 2x6 44" long (x3) and drill pocket holes on two of the boards. Clamp the boards together and screw them using 2 1/2" pocket hole screws.

Step 2

Assemble Sides of the Bench

Cut 2x6 9" long (x3) and 18 1/2" long (x3). Drill pocket holes as shown on the cut list. Clamp the boards before screwing them in. This will prevent the boards from shifting while screwing.

Step 3

Assemble Middle Section

Now cut 2x6 8" long (x3) and 32 1/2" long (x3). Drill pocket holes and assemble the middle section.

Step 4

Temporary Pieces

Take two scrap pieces and cut them to 7 1/2" long. This will be used temporarily to hold the middle section.

Step 5

Attach Middle Section

Now take the middle section and place it over the temporary scrap pieces and attach to the side boards. After that, attached the middle support blocks.

Step 6

Attach Bottom Section

Finally place the bottom section and attached it to the side. Use 2 1/2" wood screws to secure to the middle section and support block. After everything is secured, remove the temp blocks. That's it, you're all done with this beautiful shoe rack bench.

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