Here is the first of two bookcases I am building. I used General Finishes EF espresso stain after a lot of research about stains. It was easy to work with, easy to clean, hardly smelled, and turned out beautifully! I'm really excited.



Fri, 10/22/2010 - 13:44

you did such a good job!  which plan is this?

the stain is something I am going to totally

copycat!  Just lovely.




Sat, 10/23/2010 - 17:57

This looks great.  You did a good job.  Did you use MDF or pine?


Sun, 10/24/2010 - 07:10

It's actually Red Oak - so neither MDF or Pine. I knew I would be staining it so MDF was out and after reading a lot about the way pine can stain, I decided to go with this. It was a bit more expensive but so worth it!


Fri, 10/29/2010 - 09:43

That is really beautiful.  I love that stain and I may have to find some to use.  Did you cut the oak or did you have it cut?  I think I'd be too intimidated to cut oak.  It's very hard and I think I'd ruin it. :-)


Fri, 10/29/2010 - 20:53

Thank you! I cut it using a radial arm saw at my dad's. He uses it in lieu of a table or chop saw and it worked just great! I had them cut the pieces into 1x12s and then I cut the lengths. I am working on a second one just like it but haven't gotten it together yet!

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