Cabin House Build Episode 9: How We Build and Finish Wood Ceilings

Submitted by Ana White on Tue, 08/25/2020 - 11:38

Ever wonder how wood ceilings with exposed beams are made?  In this video episode of our cabin house build, we show you how.

We are building a small, simple cabin style house in Alaska to sell.  We hope the end result will be an affordable, efficient, low maintenance home, that does not lack on comfort and style, for one family.

Roofs are a big deal.  Since heat rises, having a well insulated roof is essential to heating a home efficiently.  Roofs also add the greatest character to a home - both inside and out.  We love building exposed timbered ceilings for these reasons:

  • Well insulated with no thermal bridges (rafters) in the insulation cavity.  It's a solid layer of foam, and only foam.
  • Beautiful vaulted ceilings with wood beams and exposed wood tongue and groove
  • Minimal scaffolding work - no hanging drywall or insulating upside down, instead, you work from the top down
  • Beautiful overhangs built into the roof on the exterior

In this week's episode of our cabin house build, we finish the wood ceiling:

We love how it turned out and can't believe it is DONE!  No hanging drywall or mudding and taping upside down on scaffolding - it's DONE!

Thanks so much for watching.

PS - We've done this type of roof before, and have a photo post showing the steps here.

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Cabin House Build and Finish Wood Ceilings


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