Submitted by Chuck1979 on Thu, 12/28/2017 - 21:40

Love the desk! A few issues I had though are that the top panel will not go into the space of the top angle pieces are in place. I had to remove them to get it in. Additionally, the pocket holes seemed insufficient for the top 2x2s because of the angle they are at, so I went back and drilled countersink holes directly into the adjacent support board and added wool glue. Lastly, for then 2x2s that are supporting the bottom panel, I was worried about just having the pocket holes there as well because I could see my 5 year old climbing on it to reach the pegboard so I added L brackets to the bottom of the 2x2s under the bottom panel. I also added a light to the underside of the top panel and supports at the bottom near the floor. Turned out great 

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