Farmhouse Rustic Style Vanity

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Submitted by gshrum on Wed, 04/02/2014 - 13:29

This remodel project was a year in the making. We purchased this 1980's house (notice the before pic) 3-years ago and immediately started tearing into it... all of it. The bathrooms were the last on the list to be remodeled. An impending baby shower spurred the need to complete this project, and we're pleased with how it came out.

We searched high and low when trying to decide on the vanity, and came across the plans for the one pictured here when searching for "Rustic" or "Western". Coming from a family of carpenters, I felt comfortable enough in my ability to tackle this simple project. I'm a tall guy so I wanted something that was comfortable for me to use as well. I made this vanity higher and longer than the plans originally called for.

The space in the bathroom allows for a dual sink, but we're a small family and felt the 2nd sink wasn't necessary at this time. I don't like to remove features that are already present, so the bottom crate is actually covering the plumbing in case we or the next owner decide to add a second sink. The other crates obviously provide the storage that isn't currently present with this type of vanity. I may add a shelf on the bottom, but I like the open look and feel.

The counter top is simply cedar fencing that's been well sanded, stained and protected with 4 coats of Poly. I staggered the top to give it a different look as well.

The mirror was the full length of the wall, but cut down to match the size of the new vanity and framed on the wall.

The lights ($29) are simple, outdoor galvanized coach lamps found at Lowes.

The vessel sink ($99) was found at (much better selection than at your local store), and the faucet ($149) came from Lowes.

Our guests loved the bathroom, as do my wife and I.

Estimated Time Investment
Weekend Project (10-20 Hours)
Type of Wood
Finish Used
Dark Walnut Stain
Clear Poly
Recommended Skill Level

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