Farmhouse Table Home Run!!!

I needed an outdoor dining table for our very long narrow paved side yard. I looked just about everywhere for a table I liked and that was even reasonably priced. Gotta be honest, there was no way I was paying $1000.00 for something I didn't like. That's when I stumbled on the plans for this table on Pinterest. I have never built furniture before, but I had just finished building a privacy fence so I thought I would (could) take it on.

It took me about 4/5 hours, by myself, to make the table and I practically burst into tears when I saw how stunning it was!! I altered things a bit and used three 12-inch boards rather than six 6-inch boards (and I used 1/2 inch spacers so that rain water could move through).

I was so excited by the table, that the next day, I built the bench! Same alteration as well. I used a single 12-inch wide board (with a gorgeous raw edge--sanded for comfort and safety) for the seat.

I'm so damn proud!!! Thank you so much for this spectacular plan! It has inspired me. My next project is the Farm House bed frame for my teen daughter!!!

Estimated Cost
Estimated Time Investment
Day Project (6-9 Hours)
Type of Wood
Pressure treated lumber
Recommended Skill Level