Grandy Sliding Door Console

Submitted by lseib262 on Thu, 03/31/2016 - 15:49

I used the plans here and the hardware plans that are linked in the comments (with the 1-1/2 inch pulleys). In retrospect, it wasn't that hard, although I built it up to be so since I was doing so many things for the first time, including cutting and drilling metal. With the right blades and drill bits, it was a breeze. This took me a few months to actually finish, but if I were to do it again start to finish, I'd say one person could do it in 3-4 days. I got the reclaimed barnwood from a local salvage place. I used the tea/steel wool/vinegar stain for the top and regular paint for the body. Total cost was somewhere in the low $200's. I absolutely love it and am so grateful that a site like this exists! Thank you!!

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