Planked Wood Sideboard

My fiance and I have been avid followers of the ana-white website for about 6 months now and having finally moved into our little cottage we needed to make some bespoke furniture to fit some of the more awkward spots in it giving us reason to use all our favourited plans! Using the very comprehensive plans for the planked wood sideboard on the website we made our own bespoke sideboard plans - we needed to make it one cupboard shorter and exactly 140 x 38 x 90 cms high in order to fit our space. This required a lot of maths when working out scaling. In the end we worked out as much as we could and then decided to follow the steps but only cut the wood as needed in order to make sure that all fitted exactly.

Amazingly this 'adjust it as we go' way of working actually worked and meant that we were able to build it so that each join is bespoke to the vagaries of our inexperience with the mitre saw and the fact that we managed to buy some slightly warped wood.

You'll also notice that we decided not to cover up the feet on the bottom as we have a lot of board games that will now fit perfectly underneath and out of the way.

Over all first proper DIY project and really pleased - thank you for making this possible!

Built from Plan(s)
Estimated Cost
Estimated Time Investment
Weekend Project (10-20 Hours)
Type of Wood
Finish Used
B&Q exterior wood stain (water resistant) in Walnut. This finish is with only one coat of the stain - it recommends minimum three coats but this was as dark as we wanted and its proven water resistant as is.
Recommended Skill Level

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