Playhouse Loft Bed

So living in Japan makes some of these projects interesting. 1) The largest pieces of plywood are 36"x48". 2) Paint is only sold in pre-mixed colors, so choices are limited. 3) Everything is expensive. 4) Packaging is impossible for me to read. That being said, I set out to make a playhouse loft bed for my daughter's birthday. My wife and daughters were in the states so I had nothing else to do in the weekends and evenings. I modified the plan for a full size bed and did not follow the sizes of windows and doors exactly since I was actually piecing it together since the plywood is not the full size.

That is not exactly true, I did climb Mt. Fuji one Saturday. Also found some interesting Wasabi Kit Kat at the store.

So this took a little over a week to complete, working whenever I could. I painted the inside pink, and the best color they had at Homes was basically pepto bismol. My daughter won't mind, but I did not want to see that on the outside everyday. The outside is purple and trim is white. The purple was an oil-based paint that smelled worse than any paint I have ever used before. I decided to make cubby storage stairs so that my daughter could get to them from the inside. I just finished this last night, and my family returns today for the surprise.

Estimated Cost
Estimated Time Investment
Week Long Project (20 Hours or More)
Finish Used
Hapio Select water-based pink and white paint, Different Japanese brand awful smelling oil-based purple paint
Recommended Skill Level

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