Shot Glass Display Coffee Table

My father-in-law wanted a display case for his shot glasses, but I didn't like the idea of putting that much glass, hanging vertically. So I suggested a coffee table. This is what I came up with. I used 1x4 boards for most of it. ¼" plywood on the bottom, with 2x2 supports underneath, the actual display part is from ½" project panels I had laying around, and the dividers are from ¼" plywood scraps. The legs I picked out from the store (I don't have or need, a lathe). For the top, I used ¼" thick acrylic. I thought about glass, but they have lots of grandkids over all the time, and I didn't want a little hand going through the glass. (Side note on the acrylic, when you cut it, do it by hand, not with a power tool, as the acrylic will heat up and can melt). Other than that, I got a couple hinges and small lock closure for the acrylic, and stained it all. (Sorry for the white background picture, I tried to crop out everything else around the table)


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