25 Quick and Easy Holiday Projects

25 easy holiday diy crafts wood projects

Craft your holiday home decor this year, using wood projects with free plans.

We've compiled 25 quick, easy and inexpensive holiday home decor projects to get your home ready for the upcoming holidays.  Many of these projects can be made from scrap wood, and you can customize to suit your home's style and space.

Build one, or maybe you want to build all 25, there's plenty of time - these easy projects can be built in just a couple of hours, and they are fun and festive to make.

We've included projects to help with dining, decor, outdoor displays, organization and host gifts - you can save money and get that custom look with a little bit of DIY.

Since it's all about quick and easy prep for the holidays, let's jump right into it and get ready for this holiday season TODAY!



1. Countertop Pie Safe

diy countertop pie safe

A holiday without pie is like a star without light...

This DIY Pie Safe is not only super cute, but also functional to hold those dear pies! A pie safe that will look good on the counter year around, also makes a great hostess gift. 

This is a quick an easy build, and can be built in about the same time it takes to bake 2 pies. 



2. Craftsman Frame

craftsman style picture frame

This DIY Craftsman Style Picture Frame is a great way to add some holiday decor and simply switch out the picture when the holidays are over. 

Grab some holiday printables, and build a frame to fit! This picture frame plan is easy to modify for any size print. This would also make a wonderful gift! Another super quick, easy and effective project to bring some fun holiday spirt to a space!



3. Table Crate Centerpiece

Crate tabletop centerpiece

I bet you have scraps laying around right now to knockout this super easy DIY Holiday Table Centerpiece! The fun part is finding the decor that goes inside....

Hmm, maybe mini Christmas trees, ornaments, candles, pinecones, florals... The options are endless, have fun with this one!

Another project that can be switched up and used all year long!



4. Wood Santa Milk and Cookies Set

wood milk and cookies toy set

Skip the sugar and craft cookies out of wood this year.  We can't wait to see how you decorate your cookies!

Build your own play milk and cookies set for Santa.  This set can be used as decor throughout the holidays too.  



5. Stocking Name Tags

diy name tags

These DIY Stocking Personalized Name Tags are a great way to put a special touch on a stocking, gift or seating assignment at a large gathering. Add a cute little ribbon and enjoy how inexpensive, quick and easy these little personalized name tags are! Your guests are sure to love them!



6. Faux Mantle

faux mantle

No place to hang stockings or decorate around a hearth? Have you considered a faux mantle?

This is a quick and easy Faux Mantle Plan that is a perfect way to decorate and give your space a comfy, festive feel! A faux mantle is a great way to decorate throughout the seasons, or store away until next year. 

We also have a Faux Fireplace Cabinet with Hidden Storage plan that is a great year round solution to add storage and function to a space, check those free plans out here . Reader submitted photo.



7. Outdoor Planter

cedar planters

Add cheer to your entryway with some tall planters and evergreen trees! String some lights and create some holiday cheer before your guests even step a foot inside. 

These tall cedar planters are another project that will not only create some curb appeal for the holidays, but change them out with seasonal plants when the holidays are over and enjoy all year long!



8. Stocking Stand

diy stocking stand

Besides a Faux Mantle, this DIY Stocking Stand is a wonderful way to display stockings and holiday decor. This quick and easy stand can be stored when not in use, or get creative with how to use it year round. Easy to build in just an hour or two, you will not be disappointed!



9. Joy Scrap Wood Wreath Holder Sign

diy christmas decor joy sign ana white

Add some JOY and use up some scraps while you're at it! This Scrap Wood Sign with Wreath is such a cute and easy way to add some holiday charm to your home and space - and it makes hanging a wreath easy and hanger free.

We do have plans for a fun lighted chalk board sign too, for that plan click HERE.



10. Christmas Tree Collar - Stores Flat

diy christmas tree collar stores flat

For some extra charm around the tree, consider this Simple Christmas Tree Collar that lays flat to store away when the holidays are over! The look and functionality take the Christmas skirt to the next level. Stack gifts and decorate around the base of the tree with the help of this DIY Christmas Tree Collar!



11. Christmas Tree Shelf

diy christmas tree shelf

One of our most beloved holiday plans, this charming Christmas Tree Shelf! It may look a bit difficult to build, but I assure you, it is very easy! We have a step by step video to help you along the way! Not only is it easy to DIY, it is also inexpensive! 

If you build one for your host/hostess, you may as well build one more for yourself, it will be hard to let this one go!



12. Lazy Susan

octagon shaped diy lazy susan

AH we love lazy susans, not only for large holiday gatherings, but regular meal time or family game night! So if you've thought about buying or building a lazy susan, no need to put it off any longer, we have you covered with our free plans to build a Lazy Susan for the quickly approaching holiday season! 



13. Stack and Store Wine Caddy

stack and store wine caddy and cheese board

A stack and store wine caddy is not only a functional way to transport a few bottles of wine, but it also adds a great display for wine and cheese at a get together, and of course makes an excellent hostess gift!

We also love that this wine caddy is a great way to store wine year round! Just set and stack right on a countertop or in a pantry! Have fun with the finish and hardware on this Simple DIY Wine Caddy project!



14. Charcuterie Board

diy charcuterie grazing board

We all know grazing at a get together is where it's at! This DIY Charcuterie Board is made completely from scrap lumber and adds a beautiful display of all the finger foods you and your guests will enjoy! 

A charcuterie board is both functional and beautiful, be sure to take some pictures before the guests demolish your pretty display! Use it over and over again and simply store away when not in use! 



15. Gift Wrapping Toolbox

gift wrap center toolbox gift

This fun and functional DIY Gift Wrapping Tool Box is so awesome and will make your gift wrapping experience so much more enjoyable! The best part about this little gift wrap toolbox, it's portable!

YES portable, take it to your family or friends house and have a gift wrapping party! After all that is what the holidays are all about, being together and making memories! Store away for next year once all the gifts are wrapped, or use it as a craft station. We also have plans for a Gift Wrap Cart on Casters HERE.



16. Holiday Card Display Frame

simple card display

We love getting family cards and pictures in the mail. So we've created this simple chalkboard and chicken wire card and photo display! Using minimal tools and materials, create a nice framed display for all of those lovely holiday cards!

We have an even simpler Scrap Card Display plan HERE, if you want to check that out! 



17. Letters to Santa Bin

Diy Letters to Santa Bin

Whip this cut little letters to Santa bin out with scrap 1x4s and 1/4" plywood.  Paint it festive colors, or all white for a farmhouse Christmas look.  Choose an optional hinge lid or fixed lid.



18. Christmas Tree Truck

diy wood christmas tree truck decor

We all love Christmas tree truck decor - but bring it to your space in full dimensions by building your own wood Christmas tree truck!  Can also be used as a bookshelf in a kids room.  



19. Star Shaped Tray

diy wood star serving tray

Festive trays turn an ordinary serving into a Holiday decor piece.  

If you've got some scrap wood 1x2s, what about making a few star trays?  These also are great for gifting - fill with baked goods or carmel popcorn for a treat anyone would appreciate.



20. Wood Snowflake Mongram

wood snowflake monogram

Personalize your home with a wood snowflake monogram!  You can cut out the center letter or simply hand paint on the front.  Beautiful throughout the home to add that festive touch.

Reader submitted photo



21. Wood Candle Pillars

diy wood candle pillars

Elevate your candles up on scrap wood blocks for a beautiful centerpiece.

We love these solid wood candle blocks stained to bring that wood element to a home. Customize in height to suit your space.



22. All is Calm, All is Bright Lighted Sign

All is Calm All is Bright holiday sign

This is a very easy DIY project, that you can build with just a chalkboard panel, some LED lights, a 1x2 frame and chalk!  

We love that this little sign lights up for that Christmas sparkle!



23. Wood Stockings

diy wood stocking Christmas decor

Decorate with wood stockings!  We love this version, using an upcycled can to transform a piece of plywood into something festive!

Rustic with an upcycled can for a planter by Live Laugh Rowe



24. Wood Manger

diy wood manger nativity scene free plans

Build a simple wood manager for a home nativity scene.  This is a simple project that you can build using scrap wood pieces, and paint or stain to suit your space.  We love it stained to bring that rustic wood look to your home, or all white for a farmhouse Christmas feel.



25. Easiest Blanket Ladder

diy blanket ladder tutorial

In the colder season, more blankets are always needed.  Cozy up your space with a blanket ladder displaying festive blankets in textures in prints for the Holiday season.  This is the EASIEST and CHEAPEST blanket ladder tutorial we have.  

We also love this piece in the entryway for added coat storage.

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