Doors for the Apothecary Media Console

Submitted by Ana White on Sat, 05/01/2010 - 08:17
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Doors and drawers for the Apothecary Console.


I did promise you drawers
and doorsToday.  For yesterdays apothecary media cabinet.
Dimensions are shown above


Shopping List

2 – 1×8 Boards, 10′ Long
2″ Screws
Scrap 1×16 and 1/4″ plywood from the base cabinet
16 Knobs
4 Total Euro Style Hinges, Full Overlay or Inset (see below)

Cut List

Cut List: For 4 Drawers
4 – 3/4″ Plywood or MDF @ 13″ x14″ (Drawer bottoms, use scrap 1×16 pieces)
4 – 1×8 @ 13″ (Drawer Backs)
8 – 1×8 @ 14 3/4″ (Drawer Sides)
4 – 1×8 @ 14 1/2″ (Drawer Fronts
16 – 1/4″ plywood @ 7″ x 7 3/4″ (False Faces)

Cut List: For Both Drawers (Drawers are not the same!)
1 – 3/4″ Plywood or MDF @ 16″ x15 1/2″ (Larger Door, use scrap 1×16 pieces)
1 – 3/4″ Plywood or MDF @ 16″ x14 5/8″ (Smaller Door, use scrap 1×16 pieces)

8 – 1/4″ plywood @ 7″ x 7 3/4″ (False Faces, use scraps from the back)

Cutting Instructions

Please check the comments - really good reader advice in there!

Tape Measure
Speed Square
Safety Glasses
Hearing Protection
Circular Saw
Brad Nailer
Power Sander


Step 1

Drawer Backs
Begin by fastening the drawer back to the drawer bottom using 2″ screws and glue. A trick I do to make my drawers slide better without having to buy hardware is rest the bottom (but not the back and sides and front) on a scrap piece of 1/4″ plywood when fastening the backs, sides and front. This raises the bottom 1/4″ and that way your bottom doesn’t drag when the door is opened and closed. After you finish you piece, you can rub vasoline on the sides and your drawers should glide smoothly on the side edges.

Step 2

Drawer Sides
Just like you added the back, now add the sides. Make sure you also fasten to the back piece.

Step 3

Drawer Fronts
Now add the front, making use the drawer is square and the front lines up with all outside edges. Fasten with 2″ screws and glue to the sides and bottom.

Step 4

False Faces
Here is what I would do because I’m a slight perfectionist. I would put all of your drawers into the drawer boxes without the false faces and center the drawers on the opening, with approximately an 1/8″ all the way around (a 1/4″ on the top). Then I would position the false faces over the drawers so that the false faces just covers this gap. Leave a 3/4″ space between the false faces. Glue and if you have your nailer handy, tack a few nails into the corners of the false faces. Clamp and let dry.

Step 5

Step 6

Cut you doors as shown above. The doors are not the same. Fit in the opening and attach with inset euro style full overlay hinges.

Step 7

My favorite are these from Lowes:

Step 8

False Faces
As you did with the false faces from the drawers, attach the false faces to the doors, concealing the gap around the doors.


Annesphamily (not verified)

Sat, 05/01/2010 - 10:41

You are one talented lady! I love stopping by and drooling at these gorgeous recreations! Your pieces are so full of love and your talent is incredible. My hat is off to youy! Anne


Sat, 07/05/2014 - 06:14

I recently came across your blog and have been reading along. I thought I would leave my first comment. I don't know what to say except that I have enjoyed reading. Nice blog. I will keep visiting this blog very often.
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chacha (not verified)

Sat, 05/01/2010 - 15:01

I am excited to do this one - it'll be used as a buffet - since I need something around 16" deep to save space.

I've never made one of your plans but I have plenty of experience with nailers, saws, and renovation in general so *hopefully* that qualifies me as advanced and I won't screw it all up :o)

Thanks for such an awesome plan!

Andrea (not verified)

Sat, 05/01/2010 - 16:34

How how HOW did you know this is exactly what I have been looking for!!! I am so excited! Your website is the BEST part of my day :)

kikicraig (not verified)

Sun, 05/02/2010 - 02:59

Okay, Ana, so yesterday I'm at Lowes looking for hinges for doors to work on something inspired from you....I am standing there with another lady and her husband that are also looking at hinges. We started talking and came to realize that they too were working on something from you!! What a small world...after I left with THE EXACT HINGES you just mentioned, I wished that I would have asked for that lady's contact info to get together to "talk shop", but as an adult felt kinda silly asking. Just had to share.

Felicia (not verified)

Sun, 05/02/2010 - 17:12

Ana- Love your site!

Quick question, if I wanted to make all doors and no drawers, how different would my shopping list look?

Firefly Haven (not verified)

Mon, 05/03/2010 - 04:49

Thanks so much. I've been working with two master-craftsmen on my new TV cabinet which has drawers(never made any before)...and they keep telling me they're easy...just do this that and the other thing and you'll be good. But actually SEEING the process is VERY helpful. I feel MUCH more confident and able to finish my project. Thank you!

Susan (not verified)

Fri, 05/07/2010 - 10:35

Ana, these plans look AMAZING. I have a quick question - on the doors, if the false faces hang over, will the doors open? It seems that if they overhang on the edge where the hinge is placed, the faces will prevent the doors from opening. Am I missing something? Thanks for your help!