Locker and Hutch for the Cube Collection

Submitted by Ana White on Wed, 07/28/2010 - 05:55
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What could be better for storage than a open cubby base and lockers for storage? And just look at what Alexis did with this plan! This project plan is just for the hutch and locker - for the open bin, see the rest of the Cube Collection.


As you all probably know, I've been spending quite a bit of time figuring out wordpress so that we can migrate over to a better blogging platform.  The more I learn about wordpress, the more I understand why everyone raves about it.  Searching for plans is going to be so easy and keeping plans organized and "findable" is the main priority of the move.

While I'm not ready to migrate the blog quite yet - I crash the new site at least a few time a day - oops - if you want to take a look at some of the new features, you can check out .  A few of my favorite parts?  An integrated community where you can ask questions.  I love our Facebook Page, but the new forum will do so much more to provide ongoing support to all of us.  Also, I am migrating all the photo galleries associated with Knock-Off Wood (Facebook, Flickr and Tumblr) to the new site so that there is one spot to keep all of the amazing photos people have posted or submitted.  You can also upload photos directly to the site in one step.  It's amazing.  You can check out the brag blog here.

There still much to do, but thanks for taking your time to take a peek.  Many many hours have been put into the site, but it will all be worth it!

With all this going on with the new site, I am so grateful the plan collection I have been working on is so simple and easy to build.  Today's plan is for the locker units and I threw in a quick how-to for the small hutch on top of the locker units.

All this blog organizing has got me in the organizing mood.  Here I am dreaming I have this kind of space . . .

Dimensions are shown above.


Shopping List

4 - 1x12 @ 8 feet long
3 - 1x2 @ 8 feet long
2" screws
1/4" plywood
1 1/4" finish nails
2" finish nails or screws

Common Materials
120 grit sandpaper
wood conditioner
paint brush
Cut List

Please reference the PDF for the complete cut list.

Tape Measure
Speed Square
Safety Glasses
Hearing Protection
Kreg Jig
Circular Saw
Brad Nailer
Power Sander
General Instructions

This plan is based off of a PDF. Please click the PDF below to access this plan.


MrsDragon (not verified)

Wed, 07/28/2010 - 06:16

The new site is beautiful! Love the clean, uncluttered look and I'm looking forward to digging through the archives! : )

Moe (not verified)

Wed, 07/28/2010 - 09:17

thank you so much, I can't wait to find the space for these, I have been drooling of lockers for many years now!

Bethany (not verified)

Wed, 07/28/2010 - 15:32

The new site is so cute! I like how easy it is to find everything and the community feature is sure to be a hit.

One idea, the gallery aka brag board has all the beautiful photos of user projects but it'd be really great if (where applicable) there was an area for them to write about it or to leave a link to their personal blog to see more and/or to read about their experience.

Great work on the site! :)

Tara M (not verified)

Tue, 08/03/2010 - 06:43

I second the idea for the gallery. I'd love to be able to post comments in the gallery so they could say what paint color they used or ask them about a certain alteration or technique.

sharon (not verified)

Sun, 08/15/2010 - 06:12

I have 2 old wooden doors that I want to incorporate into a mini mudroom area. I'm pretty sure I want to use the Locker for the guide. Just have to get the man with the tools inspired to cut the doors for me!

Pics will follow! thank you!!!

Sarah (not verified)

Tue, 11/30/2010 - 02:24

I didn't see anything in the plans on how to connect the hutch to the locker and the locker to the base. I'd really like some ideas how to accomplish this without using metal brackets.


Mon, 06/20/2011 - 11:37

I am looking for the exact plans to build what is pictured. It is exactly what I am looking for but I can't seem to find the top or the shelving plans anywhere!!! Help!!

Lori Walker (not verified)

Tue, 07/26/2011 - 05:12

I am also interested in the top shelving/cubes to go on top of these toy bins. I do an in home daycare and this wall is exactly what I have been dreaming of, but have in no way been able to afford. Thank you!


Sat, 08/13/2011 - 09:57

Does anyone know where I can find the plans for the top shelves for picture above. It is just what I am looking for but can seem to find the specs anywhere. Thanks.

april l (not verified)

Wed, 12/05/2012 - 10:08

I too would LOVE plans for the top shelves like they're pictured! We're in the process of finishing our basement into a playroom/family room and I really want a set of shelves for all the toys and toy bins. This looks perfect.

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