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My name is Bonnie. I live in Beaumont Tx and have my entire life. Im a mom of 3 and wife of 1.
First, I love being a mother! My kids keep me young at heart & I get to live vicariously through them. I have 2 girls, ages 5 and 22....YES I said 22 and NO I dont mean months! My girls are very "girly", high maintenance, & very spoiled, but at the same time have personalities that shine and hearts the size of Texas! I also have 1 boy who is almost 9 yrs. This little angel boy keeps me busy! He has a major ADHD issue so he's a MAJOR challenge to raise...but I wouldnt trade that kid for love nor money! No Way! He's super outgoing, friendly, and has more "brains" than me and both my girls combined!
Im married to my best friend! Truly he is my soul mate. We dont communicate very well, but we make up for that in our commitment and loyalty to each other. He's 101% family man to the core, and as loyal & trustworthy as the rising sun. I adore him for a million reasons, but most of all I adore how he worships me:-)
I work full time as an insurance agent for a Medicare Advantage company. Ive had many jobs from X-Ray tech to medical sales, but I can honestly say that after many miserable & dead-end jobs I have finally found a career and a company I truly love! I have never enjoyed any job like I do this one....(except for my mommy - wifey job)!
So as you can see Im a pretty blessed girl! No my life is not perfect by any stretch! My kids misbehave in public and my husband & I argu, sometimes daily, but thats just who we are and I like it exactly the way it is - disfunctional and all:-)

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