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Hello Ana,

My girlfriend and I live in Charlotte, NC and we recently we started our own furniture and home decór business, Inspired By Home. We LOVE the work that you and your team does. Your site is great for inspiration.

Our business spawned with me refinishing an old desk to match the decór of our new house. I've always been very handy and have really uncovered that I have a great skill for making furniture along with a keen eye for style and my girlfriend has proven to have quite a knack for custom sign making. I am a realtor as well, but have been putting my all into the new business and with much success in only a couple short months. My girlfriend is a Broker for medical practices by day and manages to put in a full days worth of work in the new business, 6 days a week (I don't know how I could do it without her). Anyways, I will post some of our designs on your site along the way if that is okay with you.

The two of us would love to chat with you if you get this and ever have a moment. Keep up the great work!

-Inspired By Home

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