Face Frame Kitchen Base Cabinet Template

Submitted by Ana White on Sun, 10/25/2020 - 12:37
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Over the years of building kitchen cabinets, we've refined our process.  Check out our free template for Face Frame kitchen cabinets on our sister site, Shelf Help.

build your own kitchen cabinets

There are three big benefits to building your own kitchen cabinets: Customization and quality, and affordability.

When you build your own cabinets, you can choose better materials.

When you build your own cabinets, extras like crown moulding or open shelves or an odd size don't cost a fortune.  It's actually quite reasonable!

But most important, when you build your own cabinets, you can customize.

No more filler strips.  Place your appliances exactly where you want them.  Go as tall as you want with wall cabinets.  

To help you customize, I created a free design configurator that is super simple to use, and a template that guides you through constructing your own kitchen cabinets!  Here's the links:

Enjoy and please share if you build, we can't wait to see how your kitchens turn out!


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