Tryed Coffee Table and End Table

Submitted by mike5287 on Wed, 10/27/2021 - 12:00

Oldest is moving out into their own apartment so thought I would help them save some money and built a Tryed/Tryde Coffee & End Table, although both are slightly modified:

- Coffee table I added the lower section
- End Table I did with pocket holes vs how the plans had it laid out.

For the end table , which I started after the coffee table, I "jointed" the table top pieces on the table saw - very slightly as I wanted to keep the more rustic looking individual boards. This worked really well and I wish I had done it on the coffee table too.

For the finish, which to me always starts with lots and lots of sanding (started at 60 grit down to 400 grit), I used a mix of Varithane Red Mahogany (4 parts) and Dark Walnut (1 Part), then several coats of Clear Satin Polyurethane. For some reason the end table was VERY glossy so had to use some 0000 steel wool to reduce the gloss.

So hooked on the pocket holes now going to upgrade my Kreg jig to the 720 :)


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