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I'm the Mum to 3 beautiful children....ages 8-Kendall James, 7-Harper Grace, & 3-Baby Kellen as he is called by just about everyone. I'm currently getting certified to teach, hopefully Middle or High School Social Studies, but have been staying home with my kids since May of 2011 & loving every minute of it. I'm hoping to start volunteering at the Innocence Project of Texas soon to have an outlet for one of my biggest passions-freeing those who have been wrongfully convicted of crimes they didn't commit as well. I've been married to my husband, Ken, for 14yrs but we've been together 20yrs as of May 2011. I'm an avid reader-my kids rarely see me without a book or magazine in my hands-when I have the free time. I also love to scrapbook & recently have become addicted to Pinterest & the idea that I really can do many of the great projects I have seen their & on Ana's website myself!

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