Custom Full Width Kid's Closet Organizer

Submitted by Ana White on Sun, 02/28/2021 - 15:02
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Build your own full width kid's closet organizer, no matter the width of your closet.  We love the open bottom perfect for toy bins, the shelves at lower heights so littles can easily access their favorite clothes.  And there's even a little hanging space for mom (to hang those cut outfits!).  

awesome kids closet organizer

organizing a kids closet

Why We Love This Closet

  • Custom Sized - A tailored fit looks so much better than making something work and blocking the walls out for closet rods.  
  • Beyond Clothes - This kids closet is perfect for storing clothes AND toys, books, blankets and out of season items.  
  • User Friendly - The higher placed shelving is suitable for adult placing (think hanging outfits or top shelf bins).  The lower storage areas, like the toy bins and milk crates for socks, are perfect for littles to access and use independantly.
  • Grows with Them - with adjustable shelves and removeable milk crates, this closet is ready to grown with your child.  
  • Designed to Last - you just have one closet to make amazing.  Why not do it right the first time with the right materials?  This closet was built using 3/4" PureBond plywood (so no off gassing formaldehyde) and easy to repair, repaint, and repurpose.

And It's Easy to Build!

This closet was actually super easy to tackle and install!

We have the free template (with easy to use configurator!) on our sister site Shelf Help.  Head on over to download the diagrams and start configuring your own closet.

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Custom Full Width Kid's Closet Organizer



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