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Horizontal Closet Organizer

More shelving space, less bending over?  You betcha!  This horizontal closet organizer is designed for efficiency and those that love shelving. Build your own with our free template on our sister site Shelf Help.

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Frameless Kitchen Wall Cabinet from Shelf Help

All kitchen wall cabinets are pretty much the same - so you only need ONE template to build them all!  Click here for our free Frameless Wall Kitchen Cabinet Template on our sister site Shelf Help.

This same template can be used to build a built in desk system, custom mudroom, laundry room cabinets, or even a full height bookshelf with doors.

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NEW! Design and Create Your Own Furniture Projects!

Do you want to design your own furniture projects but don't want to learn a complicated program? And wouldn't it be nice if your designs could be precut out for you and sent to your front door?  NOW it can!  Meet Shelf Help, your new best building friend!

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